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Northwest Automatic Lubrication, Inc.

GC101 Multi-Function Chassis Controller

GC101 Chassis Controller
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Developed By Northwest Automatic Lubrication and made in the USA.


The GC101 controller is the newest state of the art in-cab lubrication control system from Northwest Automatic Lubrication. 


It combines an on-off timer control with monitoring and full system memory functions.


The control system will operate a lubrication pump requiring  on-off control, (series progressive) or       cycle/pulse count control, (single line).


Controller will operate with voltages from 9-32 volts DC.


Operational Features:

On-time:                                Adjustable 5 – 59 seconds, 1 – 59 minutes
Off -time:                             Adjustable 2 - 59 minutes, 0 - 48 hours

Operational Modes:            Timer mode or pulse count/cycle mode

Low Level Relay:               Normally/Open or Normally/Closed

Cycle count range:              1 – 50 counts

Pump Revolution:               1 – 30 seconds,   (The amount of time the controller looks for a motor revolution signal)

High Pressure Time:            5 – 120 seconds, (The amount of accumulated time to create a fault warning)

Low level Time:                   1 – 120 seconds, (The amount of accumulated time to create a fault warning)

Remote Fault Signaling:     Continuous (For strobe or alarm),or pulsing ( For PLC recognition)


Memory Features:

Total system on-time

Total motor run-time

Total high pressure fault time

Total low level fault time

Total cycle switch fault time

Total loss of motor revolution time

Total motor error time (short or open)


Additional Features:

  • The GC101 in mode 21 will test and display the continuity of the 7 inputs and 2 outputs for line integrity.
  • In mode 22 the real time motor amp draw will be displayed.
  • While in mode 22 pressing the up button, (middle button), will cause the pump to remain on until power is switched off.  Useful for testing, trouble shooting, and priming.
  • The GC101 is pass code protected to prevent unauthorized altering of the system parameters.
  • Soft start and soft stop on drive motor circuit to extend motor life.
  • Dimensions:  5 ” high, 4 ” wide, 1 ” deep.  4” centers on mounting holes.



Call Northwest Automatic Lubrication, 1-888-267-7695, for additional information.